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Art League Oil Painting Workshop


We have a blast in class and everyone is welcome from beginners to those with advanced skills. Steve is an artist, retired professor, extremely patient, and knows how to make learning fun!


Seriously, it is easy to create a painting when you know how to mix color in just 7 steps, how to thin the paint properly, and apply the paint in the style of your choosing. We will be using oil paint because it stays wet on the palette for a week or more, yet dries overnight on the canvas when you know the secret! Most of the techniques you learn can be used with acrylic paint also.


Download a PDF of the Workshop Flyer here.


Class Dates and Time

2025 class dates to be announced. Monday's from 1:00 - 4:00.


Instructor Fee: To be announced. Will not be as much as 2024.
Shared Materials (paint, cleaners, oils, thinner): $5 per student for the entire course. It is lower this year as we now have inventory.
Personal Materials: Varies, but is usually under $30 ~ see list below.


Required Personal Materials

Everyone must purchase personal supplies on their own. All of these supplies are available locally.

  1. Brushes. Purchase synthetic brushes that often go by the name “taklon” or “golden taklon”. They do not need to be labeled “for oil”. These brushes are often sold in a pack of several brushes. You should have flat AND round brushes.

  2. Canvas. Pre-stretched primed canvas or canvas panel. Minimum size: 8”x 10”. Maximum Size: 18”x 24”.
  3. Paper Towels. Paper towels or a roll of toilet paper.
  4. Palette. Disposable ‘tear-off’ palette pads work best.

  5. Palette Knife. Optional, but highly recommended.
  6. Photo. You will need to select and make an 8x10 photo print to paint from. Additional instruction will be given in class on how to choose and print your photo.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can also view and/or download a PDF of the FAQ's


The first couple of classes consist of a presentation and demonstration followed by one-on-one help. By the fourth class everyone will be working on their own and I will be working with you on an individual basis.

No, the workshop is like a college fine art class without the pressure and grades. My goal is to teach you how to paint the paintings you want, in the style you want.

Students comment that my classes are fun. I think they say that because we keep things informal and the stress levels low.

If you miss a class it is not a problem as I will catch you up. I plan to have all of the presentations posted online.

To save money everyone in the class will pay a one time fee of $20 which will allow me to buy all the paint, specialized paint thinner, “oiling-out” mix, brush cleaning jars and specialized no-odor cleaning fluid. These materials will be available for those enrolled in the workshop - during and outside of scheduled classes, 24/7.

You can use your own paint, as long as the color bias is that of a split-primary system. Because of studio safety concerns you must use Gamblin mediums and odor-free brush cleaner. If you have any questions on this let me know.

We will be painting from a photo of YOUR choosing. It does NOT have to be your photo; feel free to choose a photo of an actual painting or something from from a magazine, book or image found online. Do not be concerned with ‘copyrights’ as this is an educational setting. I will help you choose a photo that will make a good painting AND be a good learning experience.

You can use the provided projector to trace the photo onto the canvas, use transfer paper, or freehand to trace the outlines of the image.

Oil paint from the tube does not contain a ‘drying oil’ so unless you mix in a drying oil it stays wet. After you mix the colors and add a modern drying oil the paint dries overnight.

Oil paint itself is not, it is the use of turpentine to thin and clean brushes. We don’t use turpentine to thin paint and to clean brushes - we use odor-free turpentine.

Yes, the techniques I am teaching work for both oil and acrylic. However, you still need to pay the shared material fee so that we will be able to afford the supplies for the class.

I have degrees in fine art and education and have a passion for teaching painting. Teaching at the college level for 30+ years and workshops for ages 8 to 75 has taught me what works and what does not. Regardless of the age group, I teach using the techniques of the Old Masters as this system has been proven to work. I am also a life-long artist and have exhibited widely and been represented by many galleries.

How to mix color part 1 video

How to Mix Color Part 1

This 7 minute video explains why "what you think you see" keeps you from drawing and painting realistically. Dare to leave all you have learned behind and you will be amazed how well you can mix color, draw, and paint.

How to mix color part 2 video

How to Mix Color Part 2

This 9 minute video demonstrates how to mix any color you can see in nature using just 5 colors and 7 steps. Forget about the color wheel, warm and cool colors and just mix the color you want to match!

How to Mix Color Guide PDF

How to Mix Color Guide

This is the FREE guide used to mix color shown in the "How to Mix Color Part 2" video. This is a MUST download if you desire to mix colors quickly and easily.

Oil Material List PDF

OIl Material List

Oil paint used in the Color Mixing Video and Guide. If you are taking one of my workshops this is the list you want. Acrylic Material List.

Acrylic Material List PDF

Learning from the Masters ~ PDF

How did the masters learn to paint? They didn't go to college or workshops, and they sure did not have video tutorials. This article explains how they learned!

Quick Guide to Painting PDF

Guide to Painting


The Quick Guide to Painting explains the process of painting while the Technical Guide to Painting covers the technical stuff you need to know.

Links to Educational Material

My favorite educational links on the web

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Michael James Smith

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Draw Mix Paint

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Pexels Stock Photos

Pexels Stock Photos

Pexels is an excellent place to find and download free, royalty free resource photos for your art. No permission needed to use photos.

Unsplash Stock Photos

Unsplash Stock Photos

Unsplash is an excellent place to find and download free, royalty free resource photos for your art. No permission needed to use photos.

Awaken with JP Podcasts

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The Art Story

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Material Lists & Hand-Outs for My Classes