How to Paint

Learn to paint realism from an experienced artist and former college professor in an easy to understand way. Easily mix paint to the color you want every time. All resources on this page are FREE for you to download, use, and even reproduce for personal use.


Link to the LLano Grande Oil Painting Workshop page.

Link to the Fun-n-Sun Oil Painting Workshop page.

How to mix color part 1 video

How to Mix Color Part 1

This 7 minute video explains why "what you think you see" keeps you from drawing and painting realistically. Dare to leave all you have learned behind and you will be amazed how well you can mix color, draw, and paint.

How to mix color part 2 video

How to Mix Color Part 2

This 9 minute video demonstrates how to mix any color you can see in nature using just 5 colors and 7 steps. Forget about the color wheel, warm and cool colors and just mix the color you want to match!

How to Mix Color Guide PDF

How to Mix Color Guide

This is the FREE guide used to mix color shown in the "How to Mix Color Part 2" video. This is a MUST download if you desire to mix colors quickly and easily.

Oil Material List PDF

OIl Material List

Oil paint used in the Color Mixing Video and Guide. If you are taking one of my workshops this is the list you want. Acrylic Material List.

Acrylic Material List PDF

Learning from the Masters ~ PDF

How did the masters learn to paint? They didn't go to college or workshops, and they sure did not have video tutorials. This article explains how they learned!

Quick Guide to Painting PDF

Guide to Painting


The Quick Guide to Painting explains the process of painting while the Technical Guide to Painting covers the technical stuff you need to know.

Links to Educational Material

My favorite educational links on the web

Michael James Smith Tutorials

Michael James Smith

Watch Michael James Smith explain AND paint photo-realistic sky, clouds, water, grass, trees, pets, fur, facial hair and so much more.

Draw Mix Paint tutorials

Draw Mix Paint

Learn to mix and paint in a loose painterly manner at Mark Carder’s He covers how to complete a painting from start to finish.

Pexels Stock Photos

Pexels Stock Photos

Pexels is an excellent place to find and download free, royalty free resource photos for your art. No permission needed to use photos.

Unsplash Stock Photos

Unsplash Stock Photos

Unsplash is an excellent place to find and download free, royalty free resource photos for your art. No permission needed to use photos.

Awaken with JP Podcasts

Awaken with JP

JP Sears is a comedian that takes an unapologetic stand for freedom, free speech, and encouraging people to live free from fear.

Art Story Guide to Visual Arts

The Art Story

The Art Story is an excellent place to view artwork, learn about the artists that created them, and the general flow of the history of art.

Material Lists & Hand-Outs for My Classes